This page show the car after welding and re preservation. The following was cut out and replaced:

Both Outriggers in Full - galvanised tube used to replace original

Both Front Outrigger Sections

Both Seatbelt Mounts

Ends of Both Large Diameter Outriggers

Drivers Side Trailing Arm Outer Mounts

Front Outrigger Strength Cross Members - Cut and Re welded to Remove Poor Quality Welding

Once cut and re-welded all joints and areas of surface rust were taken back to bare metal. All were then liberally coated with Jenolite and then painted with Hammerite. Trailing arms, differential and mounts, fuel tank and support bracket and petrol pump and filter were all removed to improve access. All recessed areas were then sprayed with waxoyl black (allows you to see you have complete coverage when torched) and whole area was coated with waxoyl (clear). All parts re-assembled and ready for the body to go back on. Areas where stones are likely to impact were also coated with Hammerite Stoneguard over the Hammerite coat and under the waxoyl. This seems to work well, but time will tell.

You will see I have also done the same to the front sections around the radiator mounts and steering column to allow the radiator to go back in and allow me to get the car on the road. The only sections left for the treatment are the areas around the front suspension. But I intend to strip that section down one wheel at a time and replace the bushes with polyurethane ones in due course.

While the body was off I also took the opportunity to change the oil in the gearbox and diff and inspect the gearbox internals and clutch.

To ensure the large diameter outriggers don't rot from the inside I drilled a small hole in the end of each and used a syringe to put about half a litre of engine oil in each. The hole was then sealed with a self tapping screw and washer and waxoyl protected. This should allow the oil to slop about while cornering and stop the dreaded tin rot from taking hold. I prefer this method for sealed areas than waxoyl as it avoids the waxoyl "slump" in hot weather that leaves the top of tubes unprotected.

Differential Area

Rear of car with suspension, fuel tank and diff re-assembled. All stripped to bare metal, jenolite protected, Hammerite (Deep Green) painted and waxoyled
Radiator Area

Front sections around radiator treated in same manner to allow re-installation of radiator before front suspension strip
Trailing Arm

Rear Trailing Arm - this section also had a coat of "Stone Chip Protect" by Hammerite to ensure longevity

Front Section of Outrigger - Also protected with Stone Chip Protect
Fuel Tank and Back Half

This picture shows the replaced outriggers, and the extend of strip and re preserve that was undertaken

Outrigger and new seatbelt mount

Front outrigger Near Side


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