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Partial Body Lift - The Aim

Partial Body Lift

Little Shop of Horrors

Full Body Lift - The Aim

Full Body Lift - Preps

Full Body Lift Disconnection Photos

Full Body Lift - The Lift

After Welding

Post Painting and Waxoyl

Body Goes Back

Trailing Arm Removal

Front Suspension Overhaul (Polybushes)

Propshaft, Gearbox, Clutch and Spigot Bearing Removal

Teranno Front Indicator Conversion

Re-trimming the interior Part 1 (console and carpet)

Re-trimming the Interior Part 2 (Seats)

S3 Dashboard Removal

Dashboard Panel Renovation

Master Cylinder and Brake Servo Change

S2 Lower Dashboard Removal (and fan repair)

Bonnet Hinge Fitting and Alignment

Targa Tang Replacement

V6 Wiring Diagrams (and other useful downloads)

Engine Diagnostics and Star Tester Instructions

Engine Bay Layout and Engine Re-build Photos

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I know the officianados will say Urgh non standard Wheels and custom exhaust!!!  But I like both and also have the full set of Oz original wheels in the shed (and they are in good nick too)

This site is dedicated to the work I have done to restore my project TVR S3. My aim is to document the project as best I can and allow other owners to use it for their own ends to assist with tasks that they may have. Please make sure that you take note of the disclaimer as anything that goes wrong is not my fault.

I purchased my car in May 2007 and have been slowly taking it from a well disguised wreck to a useful and reliable go car. It will never achieve show standard but that is not my intent, a car is for driving not washing in my opinion, but each to their own.

Having had 8 years of fun I finally sold the car on 11 Apr 2015 and I wish the new owner all the best and as much fun with the car as I had. I will continue to run this website and update it with other owners stories if they so wish but am currently out of TVR ownership; although I suspect I'll be back sometime in the future

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November 2010 At the Warren House Inn in the Middle of Dartmoor





The drawings. pictures, procedures and words on these pages are the methods I have used in restoring my car, or have been provided to me by a third party and have not been checked for accuracy. They are therefore for information only and are used at your own risk. No claims are expressed or implied as to the safety, usefulness, or accuracy of this information. I will not accept any liability for any damages caused to people or property from the using of this information or from any associated links. Your actions are your responsibility - VERIFY and CHECK information out before proceeding, and don't attempt anything without the required skills