Engine bay

  • Check there is sufficient free play in all electrical wiring

  • Check there is sufficient free play in pipes to brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder and cover to ensure debris remains out of pipes.
  • heck there is sufficient free play in heater hoses
  • Disconnect throttle cable

Chassis fixing bolts

  • remove seats - replace original bolts with stainless steel ones with allen key heads
  • remove carpets or pull back from chassis bolt areas
  • remove seat belts & anchor points (3 off each side)
  • remove other fixing, 4 off in front footwells, 2 off middle mounts either side of tunnel, 2 off below seat belt unit, 2 off in boot.  2 off bolts under centre console (by radio).
  • remove handbrake lever and disconnect cable
  • disconnect speedo and reversing light electrics from gearbox

Petrol tank   

  • clear away sealant around petrol tank neck and bodywork in the boot 
  • remove filler pipe at both top and bottom flexibles.
  • disconnect electrics from fuel pump and fuel level sender

Gear Lever 

  • remove 2 off self tappers from each side rear of centre console and lift rear
  • remove gear lever rubber gaiter
  • I removed central console to gain access to 2 bolts under the central control panel.

Steering removal

  • Undo top universal joint on steering colum
  • Loosen steering rack securing bolts to give enough movement (other option is to loosen off steering column and pull from inside car).
  • Pull steering rack forward until UJ splits apart.

 Final checks

  • double check everything is disconnected


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