Now you have disconnected everything complete a partial body lift and check that everything is free. You will be surprised at what you may have missed. It was only by doing this that I found the boot strut interference issue.



  • First thing required are bodies (and strong ones) about 8 will be needed. I used the local TVRCC and the SW pistonheads forum to round up volunteers.
  • Having partially lifted the body (both back and front) support the front footwells on something so the monocoque stays clear of the chassis.
  • Lift the back further and insert a length of 4x2 under the rear wheel arch over the wheels. This must be long enough to get 2 blokes on each side of the car.
  • Slowly lift the rear by 2 or three inches and check chassis is free to move by rolling it forward until rear suspension arms touches the moncoque.
  • Support the front end with 2 blokes to ensure the monocoque doesn't slip off the front support arrangement.
  • Lift the rear carefully checking for anything catching (in particular make sure you do not impact on the distributor) until the floor pan is higher than the rear suspension supports. Free items as necessary.
  • Lift the front (may not be necessary) by an inch or so.
  • Roll the chassis forward to clear the undercut (below)
  • Roll the chassis forward carefully regularly checking everything is clear.
  • Once clear of undercut lift front to above highest point on chassis
  • Roll chassis fully front under body.
  • Place body on supports where it will be stored.
  • I used a series of dollies made from 2 plywood squares (2'x2') with 5 wheels each and a section of 4x2 placed across them. These were positioned beneath the holes for the chassis securing bolts and the body was then bolted to the 4x2. This lets me manouevre the shell aroung when I need too. Note I also support the boot area with a block of wood when in place as if you don't the shell flexes slightly.
  • I will insert dolly photos when available.