Engine Diagnostics

This page shows you how to fit a fault code reader or Star tester to the car ECU and take the readings. If you follow the process in the file embedded here for the star tester it will work with any Fault Code Reader. With the Star tester codes will be displayed as figures, but with a Fault Code Reader they could be displayed as figures or as flashes.

Diagnostic Socket

The Diagnostic Socket is the Black Socket Shown here
Octane Socket

The Octane Socket is the Red one shown here - If using a star tester or FCR any earths on this socket must be removed before use. Mine has none fitted, but they may show up as earthing of the cable behind the socket or by the cables being cut to adjust idle.
The diagnostic Socket

Your diagnostic socket will be one of two types. The FCR comes with both types as shown here
FCR Connected


Star Tester Instructions

2 Digit Fault Codes

The above instructions and code listings are courtesy of Norman Farmer

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