1. Remove the dash panel as described here.

2. Then remove all current coverings. I used brute force for the material covering and a wood chisel and Fairy Powerspray for the original TVR wood effect covering.

3. Then use wet and dry to completely clean to bare metal. Then clean the metal with menthylated spirit to remove any dust or remaining glue. The panels will look like the picture above.

4. I had decided to use a sticky back plastic covering like Fablon. My original intention had been to create a carbon fibre effect but when I saw this I changed my mind. I then laid the panel on top and cut to a rough shape.

5. Carefully peeling off the backing and using a rag to smooth the material onto the metal it goes into place quite easily. Once this has been done you can carefully cut the edges and fold over the edges and secure to the back. Overall it took about 4 hours work for both panels and £5 for the plastic material. The effect I think is quite good.

6. The place that supplied the covering can be found here


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