This section of Instructions is courtesy of Colin (aka Pies on Pistonheads) of www.tvrsseries.com

Before starting disconnect the battery

1. Remove steering wheel and the cowlings. These have a screw in the top and on in the bottom

2. Loosen of the clamps on the steering column, this allows you to get your hand to the really awkward nut, the one circled in the pic below, but its still awkward

3. To get to the two on the left you gain access via the glove compartment, as do you for the one to the left of the heater controls; this is a right bugger.

4. Access to the two on the right is gained by laying on your back; you might have to move a few hoses/cables around to gain access.

5. Once all nuts are off (they are either 10mm or 13mm) do not be tempted to pull the dash right forward as the speedo, tacho, clock and dash lights as well as the heater are still connected.

6. Carefully pull the dash (it can be a tight fit) forward a few inches until you can see the nuts holding the tacho and speedo plates on, undo these. It's a good idea to note where the dash light wires go first.

7. Disconnect the heater control.

8. The dash can now be removed.

9. Attend to the cuts on your hands.

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