This is how the car looked when it had come back from welding. Unfortunately despite my best efforts to identify all holes in getting ready to paint I found another weak spot and created another hole. Having spoken to my welder he will do this one on site - so saves borrowing the dolly again!!! This latest hole was on the large diameter outrigger between the trailing arm bracket and coil over mounting riser on the drivers side. I may well just ask for this whole section to be sleeved, peculiar though because the passenger side is really sound in this area.


Having got to this stage I decided to protect the new metalwork and wait until after Christmas for the rest, so out with the Hamerite (hammered Green I went for to match the car body as closely as I could and painted all the new metal, the coil over mounts, the central outrigger beams and the body shell supports. It was too b****y cold to take photos so they'll follow in due course when all painting is complete. Once painted it will be waxoiled throughout. Having read much advice I have decided to only go for a single coat of hamerite and waxoil do a partial body lift every other year (I may change my mind after the first one) as chipping of the paint is apparently commonplace if you apply it too thickly and once that occurs corrosion rates are accelerated in that area. I am also going to underseal all the lower faces of the chassis (you can see remnants from when this was last done on the central sections - and it has held up really well with no corrosion below - bitch to remove though). The eagle eyed amongst you will also notice I have gone for galvanised outriggers to, hopefully extend their life.